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Use of this portal as model of portals
You should not delete or alter this page that needs to be copied to create portals

How to use

To create a portal:
  • copy and paste this model into the new one to create. Do not forget to delete this preview in your new portal :)
  • adjust tab names for the portal needs.
  • adapt the color theme (ColorAtys) (there are some exceptions like in Portal: Die Große Bibliothek)
  • modify the content of the 7 inserts adapting them to your needs (in this example, they contain information on the management of the portals). The content can have 3 forms:
    • nothing. You do not have to delete the lines, it is better to put them in comments (<!-- ... -->), thinking about the successors.
    • text written directly behind content=. Avoid this mode, as this makes the portal more difficult to maintain. A wiki is intended primarily for writers, not "computer scientists".
    • preferably to facilitate the maintenance of the content of the portals, it is better to use a transclusion this way: {{:Ähnliche Artikel/PortalName}}.
      • to decorate with different contents each day of the week:{{:Ähnliche Artikel/PortalName/Week/{{CURRENTDOW}}}}
      • or every day of the month {{:Ähnliche Artikel/PortalName/Month/{{CURRENTDAY2}}}}
  • For the management of all portals, you can take a look at the summary: Kategorisierung or o Atys :Ryzom Wiki Categories v Portals
  • For the management of the bricks of the Ryzom portals, you can examine below the organization of the categories of the templates and pages of the portals (Category: portals⇒Category: template:Portal⇒category: featured page⇒etc.)

Attention to translations and differences between sites.

As a rule, the "computer" tool is written in English, but for historical or typographical reasons there are certain exceptions.
Portal name Subportal Sous-portail Unterportal Субпортал Next_theme Último_tema
Übersetzung zur Überprüfung
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Referenztext ( Pflegender Text, der als Referenz dient ) :
Noten: (Zorroargh, am 2021-01-15)

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Aktuell gibt es 0 Seiten zum Portal verlinkte Artikel und 124 Elemente in der Kategorie Portal.
Es gibt in der deutschen Encyclopatys mehr als 1.097 Elemente.

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Kurze Darstellung des Portals oder unterportals.

Klicken Sie auf das ᐒ unten rechts im Fenster, um zu sehen, wie es gemacht wird.

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Leere Einfügung, die gefüllt oder ausgeblendet werden kann.
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Empty insert that can be filled in or hidden.
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Encarte vacío que se puede rellenar u ocultar.
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Encart vide pouvant être renseigné ou occulté.
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Zu tun

Пустая вставка, которая может быть заполнена или скрыта.
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Empfohlener Artikel

de:Kategorisierung von Portalen
en:Categorising the portals
es:Categorizar los portales
fr:Categorisation des portails
ru:Классификация порталов
Translation to review
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Reference text ( Maintained text, used as reference ) :
Notes: (Zorroargh, 2020-10-01)

Categorising the portals Categorization
ZO flag yellow.png Portals

Each portal has a corresponding category and a link template to that portal.
(See the categorization table for more information.)

Exemple : the Flora portal

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Category:Featured article

Hidden categories that bring together the most striking or representative pages of a portal's theme to allow one of them to be displayed ( e.g. different every day of the week or month) on that portal's home page.

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Example for a thematic portal:
Category:Featured article/Flora‏‎ gathering 31 pages named in the format Featured article/Flora/Month/N where N is the number of the day in the current month and redirecting to 31 articles of the Category:Flora that are thought to be particularly representative or noteworthy.

N.B. These "rotating" pages are sometimes gathered in a single subcategory of the Featured article category of the portal (e.g. Portal:Atys).

Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Examples for the home page:
fr:Catégorie: Lumière sur/Accueil gathers the "Light on" pages intended for the illustration of the main home page of the FR Ryzom Wiki.

Main Page/Featured Article illustrates the main home page of the EN Ryzom Wiki.

Ico task rite.png Example of a single page available for any occasion:
Featured article/Atys
Spe inventory.pngZo Wea AmberRing.png Category:Template:Portal

Navigation banners displayed at the bottom of pages and pointing to portals. Thus the one displayed at the foot of this table and pointing to The portal of the Atys Mysteries.

No subcategory
Zo Wea AmberRing.png Examples of banners:
Template:Portal Flora
Template:Portal X-files
Spe inventory.pngIco task rite.png Category:Portail:N/Related articles
Hidden category collecting pages referring to the P portal and pages dispalyed by transclusion in the standard frames of the said portal.
Spe inventory.pngTR flag village blue.png Example of such category: Category:Portal:Chronicles/Related articles
Ico task rite.png Examples of pages to be displayed in the standard frames:
Portal Flora/Intro
Portal Atys/Notes
Portal Fauna/2do
Portal Flora/Categories
Portal Lore/Plan
Portal Fyros/More about
It is not necessary to create them all and their names are at the contributor's discretion.

Spe labs.png
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