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Two factions as powerful as they are mysterious seek to control the fate of Atys. Both have unique powers, claim the role of Guardians of the planet, help the homins on condition that they obey their rules, hide their origins and perhaps even their true plans. For centuries, they have followed different paths and observed each other without confrontation. His protection will be indispensable to you during your trip to Atys, but his anger could also be fatal. So choose your side well.

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Die Kamis, mysterious entities capable of changing their appearance, have a decisive influence on Atys and its inhabitants. They protect the plant kingdom and ensure that no one destabilizes the fragile balance of their beloved planet. They share a collective consciousness and it seems that no living species can escape their perception, and much less their anger, if Atys ' laws of preservation are violated. Like the members of the Karavan, the Kamis travel freely in Atys that they constantly monitor. Always in search of good will, the Kamis will be generous with the brave homins ready to serve them.

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The members of der Karavan are mysterious veteran humanoids in black with their faces completely covered by a helmet. His mission: to spread the word and serve the interests of the goddess Jena. With the exception of the Urwurzeln, Karavan is present everywhere in Atys. Its members move in groups and travel the planet in gigantic metal vehicles. They carry weapons of a technology unknown to all. Most homins fear and respect them.

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