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White fongice

Highly toxic mushroom, verycommon around Avalae, the fongice grows at night if soil moisture is sufficient and proliferates through daily release of spores.

Fongices feed on the sap of mosses that grow at their feet and sometimes live in symbiosis with crolices, sharing nutrients drawn from the Bark.

Their colour ranges from white to red. The whites are toxic, and can send you to bed for several days at least. Red ones give hallucinations simultaneously with incapacity. Just touching the ring of a fongice then putting hand to mouth will cause you to fall sick within the hour.

The fongice is not a priori lethal, but ingestion can immobilize an homin for a week and more. It can be used as a basis for a poison when used by an expert botanist. This is, however, a difficult preparation to achieve.

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