Tempel des Wissens

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de:Tempel des Wissens
en:Temple of Knowledge
es:Templo del Saber
fr:Temple du Savoir
ru:Храм познания
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Having been the first to learn writing (from the Karavan), the Zoraïs quickly developed an interest in the conservation of knowledge. The Great Library of Zoran, founded in 2227, was certainly the prestigious of all ... until the fyros set fire to it in 2328.

The Zoraïs then decided to build a new one, but further away from other civilizations, in the city of Taï-Toon. The Sages also wanted a more reliable mode of conservation and organized a competition, which was won by Daïsha, with his famous stance which would later result in the Amber Cube, with which the homins operate a read / write by visual transfer.

Of course, after the Great Swarm Tai-Toon was nothing but ruin. In the New Lands the Zorai rebuilt, under Fung-Tun, a new library at Jen-Lai (Jen-Lai Archives). The choice of this city rather than Zora probably due to the research on the Goo (taboo subject) of the Mes-Mer Order which has been recorded there. Unfortunately these records were lost with the second swarm.

The Temple of Knowledge, headed by Tao Sian, was founded in Zora in 2570. It has both an archival and educational function.

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