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Personal Amber
Azazor Eridlo Mirihus
Race Fyros
Gender Male
Nation Fyros Empire
Worship neutral kamism
Faction Kami
Guild Fyros Legions
Rank Okünos (head of internal services)
Death Alive
Mother Sayan Mirilo
Father Abythus Eridan


  • Complete Name: Azazor Eridlo Mirihus (Family names are composed of the same root followed by the number of the lineage, in accordance with Fyros traditions)
  • Born: 2554 in Pyr.
  • Nationality: Fyros patriot and extremist.
  • Religion: Kamic neutrality, kamic, or neutral kamism, in short kamist but more by pragmatism (see his relation with kamism below)

His origins

Azazor was born in Pyr from fyros parents, both patriots and ardent defenders of the Empire. He never knew his exact date of birth. His mother, Sayan Mirilo, died in childbirth. His father, Abythus Eridan, an apprentice butcher, had to raise his only son alone. He taught him the 4 founding pillars of the Empire and instilled in him love for his fatherland and hatred of the Matis. He is also a great admirer of the Fyros Legions, an admiration that he passes on to his son by telling him about the exploits of the Legions in battle.

His Path

As the threat of a kitin invasion of the burning desert became more and more likely, his father sent him to Silan to stay with a family friend when he was only 8 years old. No one knows how this journey could have taken place when the Rangers' tunnel to Silan had not yet been discovered. According to Galdor, who picked him up, Azazor was found near the kami teleport. Abythus died a few weeks later in the second swarm. He fought bravely to protect the retreat from the other homins before being speared by a rabid kirosta. Azazor grows up on Silan, where he makes his first weapons, before taking the desert road of his childhood at the age of 16.

After discovering that this was his mother's religion, he applied to a Kamist guild based in the desert, the Brotherhood of Flames. It was there that he met Fatalitas, who would become his master. He also meets the fyrette Heline, with whom he has a passionate relationship.

Azazor eventually left the Brotherhood of the Flames with Heline and Fatalitas to found the Patriot Guild of the Fury Fyros. Later, his fiancée, Heline, leaves him to join a guild of mercenaries as he is left for dead in the Prime Roots. Upon his return, faced with the choice between leaving his homeland to follow his love or staying loyal to the empire, he chooses his homeland, his one and only true love.

In 2588, he founded the pro-fyros newspaper The Desert Gazette.

In the same year, Azazor's destiny changed when he met a homin bearing the coat of arms of the Fyros Legions in Thesos. It was a certain Wangrall, who had escaped from the Prime Roots. Soon after, Xaneos, the mythical warlord of the Legions, also reappeared. The Fyros Legions then resume service and Azazor immediately applies for the job. He quickly ascended the ranks to become bakünos (diplomatic officer) in the Legions. He was especially in charge of propaganda.

Eager to serve more and more the sharük, he became akenak of Thesos in 2592.

In 2595, he lost his friend Lopyrèch, who died in unexplained circumstances ...

He published his first book in 2598: Fyros History through the lanes of Pyr [1]. In 2601 his second book was published: Fyros History through the tribes of the Desert and elsewhere [2].

In 2608, he took part in the reorganization of the Fyros legions and became okünos, i.e. head of the internal services. Having become a talumetimètos (student) at the chair of knowledge of the chamber of truth of the Imperial Academy, he brought out this same year volume 1 of his new work on symbology.

His relatives

His family and entourage

Abythus, his father

Abythus was the butcher of the empire before the second swarm. A fervent patriot, he had a deep hatred for the Matis. He often told his son that the Matis did not really come from Abythus, but that they had come in the ships of the karavan to plunder this land. He perished in battle in the second swarm.

Sayan, his mother

Azazor never knew his mother. But according to his father, she was a tough, committed woman. She wouldn't let anyone tell her what to do. It was she who chose the name of her son, in disagreement with the fyros tradition: "azaz", from the name of an ancient desert god who, according to a family tradition, protected them in the ancient lands, and "Or" which means light in Fyrk. Azazor knew later that she had become a Kamist when she learned that she was pregnant. She died giving birth to her only child.

Galdor, friend of the family

A great friend of his parents, he works on silan for the reception of refugees. He takes care of Azazor when his father sends him there to protect him from the coming second swarm.

His companions

  • The fyros legionnaires.
  • His weapons including "Talen" his spear, "Courtesy" his axe and "Politeness" his hatchet.
  • His shooki barrel and his kizarak shell rondache which he uses as a pillow.

Main Characteristics

  • Likes to drink, yell and rush through the pile without thinking (in that order).
  • Loves redheads, especially Zean Krinn, captain of the Thesos guards.
  • Has a deep aversion to Matis and pickaxes.
  • Thinks the Fyros race is superior to the others.
  • Has a passion for the culture of his people and the mysteries of Atys.
  • Struggles to prefer writing on varinx leather to amber cubes.

How he perceives religions

The Kamis

Azazor has always liked these little creatures that seek a priori to preserve the natural balance, but he has never placed their commandments above the interests of the fyros. Also Azazor recognizes himself as a kamist in the sense that he hates the Karavan and appreciates the services of the Kamis, but remains very moderate in his practice and does not recognize the kami Alliance that he takes for a bunch of hypocrites and charlatans. Even at the level of faith, he does not really believe in Ma-Duk as an entity. He sees it more as an allegory of the balance and forces of nature. However, the recent necklace given to him by the Kamis has led him to a better understanding of their nature. He now comes to think that Ma-Duk may be the sum of the minds of all the kamis, who think as a single entity. But more importantly, Azazor believes that their multiple eyes can help the fyros find fyrak in the depths of Atys.

The Karavan

Azazor hates the Karavan, which he finds particularly dubious with their technology and their stupid rule of not trying to reach the deep Prime Roots, which conflicts with the search for Fyrak. However, he doesn't especially seek to hunt the karavan's disciples because "it's not his war".

How he sees other nations

The Zoraï

Azazor respects the strength of the Zoraï, whom he considers the second most important race of Atys, but he cannot stand the Theocracy, which he finds boring to death. The lack of alcohol in the jungle bars has a lot to do with it.

The Trykers

He loves these little weak and fragile but funny little beings. Sometimes condescending to them, he doesn't hesitate to help them and often hangs out at the Fairhaven bar to chat with his friends from the Federation.

The Matis

Azazor hates above all Matis. They represent an inferior and haughty race that he wishes to see exterminated or at least parked in cages. The forest is for him a hunting ground and he does not hesitate to consume certain Matis, in particular dried matis fingers, which he has made a speciality. His dream is to see Yrkanis burning and the Hidden Source annexed to the Empire. He is particularly frowned upon in the kingdom, especially since he insulted in fyrk, without the knowledge of the royal court, the mother of the karan during her funeral oration (see number 13 of the desert gazette).

The Marauders

He respects the decision of the Marauders to free themselves from nations and religions even though he thinks it is stupid. He also acknowledges a certain effectiveness in combat. However, the Marauders, gathered around Akilia Ash Storm, have declared war on the Empire, so he sometimes has to fight them.

The Rangers

He finds the Rangers particularly hypocritical since he saw one of them kill members of the tribe of the Leviers on the orders of their chief. However, he has a good relationship with "Les Larmes" (the Tears) Guild, which he sees more as mercenaries trying to balance the balance of power between the factions than as true rangers.

The Trytronists

Azazor doesn't know the trytronists well enough to have a strong opinion about them. He just knows that his friend Lopyrèch was one of them and that they seem to know a lot about Atys' origins.