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Noten: (Lanstiril, am 2019-11-22)

The age of a salina is difficult to establish for it is a fast-growing tree. The bodocs would enjoy rubbing themselves on it, which would explain why the bark of salinas is often damaged.

Dwarf salina* seen near the Davae market (the fence protects him from Nemus, the city's young bodoc mascot).

The colouring of the salina varies greatly depending on the season. It starts out white in winter, because of the snow accumulated in its branches, its flowers make it pink in the spring; it is green in summer (with red fruits), and changes to orange in autumn.

A magnificent tree whose foliage has a very recognisable ball shape, it produces a soft, sweet fruit named salin, which is commonly used in the making of the traditional salin pie (thin crust, sliced salin, mashed salin, spices). As the size of the tree can reach 60 feet, its windfall fruit are sometimes used in cooking, which can give some taste surprises.

The tree has a timber of a beautiful amber colour and is used in joinery.

*↑ This one of a kind salina was planted in 2554 for the wedding of Karan Stevano and Filirae Tamiela Fera. For the residents it has been, since then, the ”Eternal Tree of the Karae”.

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